From: Exit Staff
Armored Vehicles, Water Cannons Deployed Ahead of Second Day of Protest in Albania

The Albanian government has deployed armored vehicles, water cannons, and a large police force in preparation for tonight’s protest in Tiana, at 18:00, demanding the resignation of minister of interior Sander Lleshaj after a police officer killed a 25-year-old man on Tuesday.

The vehicles were deployed in the area around the prime minister’s office, while News24 reported that more than 800 police officers are tasked with keeping order in the protest.

The protest was called by several social media accounts focusing on political memes, same as yesterday’s protest, which lasted for five hours and resulted in injuries and arrests. Protesters stormed the prime minister’s office building but, only to be confronted shortly after by special police forces using tear gas.

Prime Minister Edi Rama, who just ended a US visit today and entered the country, has announced a media appearance at the time of the protest, at 18:00.

Klodian Rasha, 25, was killed by a police officer on Tuesday. The incident happened in early morning hours, during coronavirus curfew hours. 

The police said the 25-year-old man made suspicious movements and refused to stop when officers asked him. They added that they had to run after him, and one of the officers shot the boy, thinking that he was armed.

The ministry department overseeing the work of police said they found a firearm in one of the streets where the victim passed.

The police officer was arrested after the incident.