From: Exit News
Police Begins Arrests After Protest Denouncing Young Man’s Killing by Police

The Tirana police have arrested three people as alleged organizers of the protests that took place on Wednesday, following the killing of a 25-year-old man by the police.

A 21-year-old, a 23-year-old, and a 29-year-old stand accused of illegally organizing a protest, in violation of COVID-19 preventative measures that have banned large gatherings, and destruction of public property.

The police also announced that investigations have been launched into 4 other people, and 8 people are currently wanted.

Two people in Durrës and another two in Dibra are being prosecuted for allegedly organizing and participating in illegal gatherings.

On Wednesday, hundreds protested in Tirana and several other Albanian cities, after Klodian Rasha was shot and killed by a police officer.