From: Exit News
Albanian President Promises He Will Guarantee Journalistic Freedom Amid Protests

Albanian President Ilir Meta claimed that violence against journalists has persisted on the third day of the protests sparked by the killing of Klodian Rasha by the police.

Meta accused the government and the police of inciting and organizing violent acts towards media and civil society representatives.

“The violation of the editor in chief of ‘Koha Jonë’, Mr. Qamil Xhani, near the newspaper’s headquarters and his detainment over several hours, is indicative that violence towards representatives of the media and civil society is inspired and organized at the highest levels of the government and the police,” Meta wrote on Facebook.

The president called on the prosecution office to investigate violence against journalists and encouraged international journalists’ organizations to react.

The head of the state also told journalists that he would not allow the installment of a “Lukashenko model” regime in Albania.