From: Exit News
Albanian Government to Identify and Provide Psychological Counselling to Protesting Teenagers

Minors who have participated in the protests that followed the killing of Klodian Rasha by police will be “identified” and treated by school psychologists, the Albanian Minister of Education promised.

In an appearance on ABC News, Minister Evis Kushi said that children shouldn’t participate in protests without their parents. She also expressed her concern for the minors and their development.

“If they are committing crimes at such a young age, imagine later,” the Minister said.

Following the rhetoric espoused earlier by Prime Minister Edi Rama who claimed minors were being used politically by the opposition in a move he compared to terrorist organization Boko Haram, Kushi reiterated that the minors in the protest were political pawns.

According to the Albanian Ombudsman, almost half of all those arrested in the first two days of protests were younger than 18 years old.