From: Exit News
Students Demand Resignation of Minister of Education

Albanian students are demanding that Minister of Education Evis Kushi resign, following her statement on Sunday.

The minister said that minors who have participated in the protests that followed the killing of Klodian Rasha by police will be “identified” and treated by school psychologists.

Student organization Movement for the University (Lëvizja për Universitetin) accused Kushi of attempting to “trample the spirit of youth protest”

They demanded Kushi’s resignation based on four principal reasons:

  1. Allegations of plagiarism
  2. The failure of online learning
  3. Mismanagement of the school system during the pandemic
  4. Contemptuous statements

“Minister Kushi should have been concerned for the children and teachers that are used in electoral campaigns and propaganda. She should have been concerned over the World Bank reporting that 50% of Albanian 15-year-olds are functionally illiterate as a result of a large social inequality gap, a gap that is increasingly widened by the law on higher education, that turns student into clients that are measured by their pockets,” the organization’s statement said.

Evis Kushi was appointed Minister of Education on September following the resignation of Besa Shahini.