From: Alice Taylor
Reporters Without Borders Condemns “Systematic Violations” Against Journalists in Albania

Reporters Without Borders has joined a long list of international organizations speaking out against the reported police brutality against journalists during protests in Albania last week.

The protests were sparked by the murder of a young man by a policeman. During the days of the protests, at least four journalists were arrested. Three claimed they were assaulted, two had their footage deleted, and three were made to sign statements they didn’t write as a condition of their release.

The IFJ/EFJ, Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner, Safe Journalists Network, International Press Institute, EU, OSCE, and several Ambassadors have all voiced their concern over the actions of the government.

In a series of tweets, RSF described how the police “systematically violated press freedom by violently obstructing at least four reporters.”

They called on the authorities to investigate the arbitrary detentions and assaults against the media workers.

Yesterday, the IFJ/EFJ reminded Prime Minister Edi Rama that he is the current Chairman of the OSCE and should be bound by their principles, including that of protecting journalists.

CoE Human Rights Commissioner Dunja Mijatovic said the government must not use “blanket bans” on protest and must stop using violence against citizens and journalists.

The State Police and the government are yet to acknowledge, condemn, or make any comment on the matter.

Alice Taylor spoke to Dr Blerjana Bino from the Safe Journalists Network regarding the reports of police violence against journalists in Albania

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