CEC Proposes Ban on Propaganda Prior to General Election

The State Election Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi has proposed that the incumbent government should be prohibited from participating in ‘propaganda’, four months prior to the general elections.

Activities such as project and investment presentations, housing donations, or distribution of legalisations could be banned as they would be considered abuse of state resources by the ruling party for the purpose of elections.

The restriction of four months was set in the Electoral Code during negotiations with the Political Council.

As per the proposal, some of the country’s top officials will be banned from conducting propaganda with state initiatives. Areas include transport, energy, environment, health, culture, and education. They will also be prohibited from advertising reconstructed buildings or project due to natural disasters, or the public distribution of legalisation permits.

The CEC specifically refers to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, ministers and deputy ministers, mayors, deputy mayors, general directors of agencies, or companies such as OSHEE, Water Supply, or Posta Shiptare etc

The government will also not be allowed to make decisions on salary increases, pensions, economic or social support, tax cuts or abolitionist, fiscal amnesties, privatization, or the award of assets.

During this four-month period which would start on Monday 21 December, the government and other institutions will have to notify the CEC, five days prior to any such activity. If the State Commissioner considers them prohibited, they will be cancelled and broadcasting of the events by the media will not be allowed.

Violations can incur a fine of between 10,000 ALL (EUR 80) and 50,000 (EUR 4000).

But, for this decision to enter into force, it must be approved by the CEC Regulatory Commission where the Socialist Party has a majority.