From: Die Morina van Uijtregt
Vucic Says No Recognition for Kosovo, After 2022 People Will Decide

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vuicic stated that until the presidential and parliamentary elections in Serbia will be held in 2022, and the recognition of Kosovo will not happen.

“After that, it is the people who will decide,” Vucic said in an interview with the Serbian television Prva.

With this statement, Vucic may have alluded to holding a referendum on the issue, Radio Free Europe reports.

Vucic said that no one in the West thinks that Kosovo is not independent.

“Washington’s opinion, no matter who is in power, will not change, although the relationship was somewhat different (during the Donald Trump administration),” Vucic said.

Kosovo and Serbia are in the process of the dialogue on normalizations of relations, mediated by the European Union.

Kosovo’s stance is that the final agreement should also include a mutual recognition, while Serbia did not give any sign that it would be accepted in the near future.