From: Exit Staff
Dismissed Judges of Higher Courts Investigated by Special Prosecution in Albania

The Special Prosecution against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK) is investigating all former judges of the Constitutional Court and High Court who either resigned or were dismissed by vetting.

“We have started investigations into a group of judges, which is our competence, who have been dismissed by the vetting. It is a process, the investigation is ongoing. Not all those who have been dismissed by the vetting, a certain category, because they don’t all fall under our competence. We have jurisdiction only over the judges of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, and not over the judges of other levels,” Head of SPAK Arben Kraja stated on Thursday for RTSH’s “31 Minuta” show.

The vast majority of judges and prosecutors whom the vetting process left out of the judicial system, mostly due to unjustified assets, will not be investigated or prosecuted by the country’s top prosecutors.

Indeed, Article 75/a/c of the Albanian Criminal Procedure Code limits SPAK’s jurisdiction only with Kraja’s stated positions in the judiciary.

In total, 12 judges from both courts were dismissed or resigned – 7 from the High Court, 5 from the Constitutional Court.