From: Alice Taylor
Albanian Government Promises Vaccination Plan in First Week of January

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has announced the government is close to finishing a plan for the vaccination against COVID-19.

During a meeting with the doctors at the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Rama said the first to be vaccinated would be medical staff.

“I am very careful in words but we are very close to concluding an agreement with some entities for the vaccine so I hope that at the beginning of the year we will have the first doses, which are certainly for you [the doctors].

The US has imposed an export ban on the vaccine. That is a problem….Despite the agreement with Pfizer, we are very close to Astra Zeneca.”

Rama previously met with the Head of Pfizer at the beginning of December. No details of any agreement were announced.

He added that the vaccination of doctors will take place in the Air Albania stadium.

“The vaccination teams will be placed in the Air Albania stadium, because it’s better to do so in outdoor spaces and avoid queues. It will be a very beautiful project and it will be ready in the first week of January.”