From: Exit News
Albanian High Court Reviewed 6 Percent of Backlog Cases in 2020

The High Court of Albania has reviewed 1,957 cases since April, with only 3 of its 19 members.

President of the High Court, Sokol Sadushi told journalists on Tuesday that 858 rulings were issued by the Administrative College, 627 by the Civil College, and 471 by the Criminal College.

In March, when the court reached a quorum of three judges, thus becoming functional, there were 35,196 cases left from the previous years. This means that the court was able to review only 6 percent of the backlog cases in 2020.

Sadushi noted that 22,995 cases, or 66 percent of the total cases were inventoried with the help of the USAID.

The president called for the quick filling of at least 15 seats in the first half of 2021.