From: Alice Taylor
Alliance for the Protection of the National Theatre Files More Criminal Complaints in SPAK

The Alliance for the Protection of the National Theatre has filed another complaint in SPAK against Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj, and his deputy Arbian Mazniku. The charge also includes the entire Municipal Council.

It relates to the formation of a company called Tirana DC. The joint-stock company was registered on 30 September and its purpose was listed as “design, reconstruction, construction, implementation, testing of constructions of all types.” In short, Tirana DC will be a typical construction company and will cover the whole construction cycle from design to the building of structures.

The company has a basic capital of EUR 400,000 and its administrator is Redi Molla, the previous director of Tirana Water Supply and Sewerage Company. Other members include Mazniku and Laura Deliu, Director in the Legal Directorate of the Municipality of Tirana.

Exit previously reported that the inclusion of the word “reconstruction” in the company description paves the way for the company to be used to rebuild apartments and buildings following the 26 November earthquake.

The lawyer for the Alliance, Adriana Kalaja told the media that the company is illegal and that they believe the company will be used to build the new theatre. She also questioned whether a joint-stock company can be used for this purpose.

She told the media:

“It’s unacceptable and against the law that the most trusted people of Veliaj have been appointed members of the Board of Directors. This is unacceptable. Citizens Redi Mola is a member of the board of directors of the Water Supply and Sewerage, this is a criminal offence. This company was created for the personal interests of Veliaj. It was done to avoid tendering procedures that should take place. It is a corrupt movement that upsets market balances, competition, and supply.”

She added that anything related to the construction of the theatre is a criminal offence and that’s why they have reported those involved for abuse of office and passive corruption.

Following the demolition of the National Theatre, the Alliance filed nine criminal complaints in SPAK. These included corruption, destruction of property, and abuse of office and were filed against Prime Minister Edi Rama, Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj, Interior Minister Sander Lleshaj, and Police Chief Ardi Veliu.

In September, it was reported that investigations and interrogations had begun, but now four months later, there has been no update.