From: Exit Staff

Greece and Albania are at a stage where there is a will for mutual cooperation according to Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadhis Varviciotis.

Greek diplomacy number two stated in a radio interview that the two countries currently have two open issues where they are cooperating to resolve them.

First, he referred to the issue of the Greek minority in Albania which is included in Albania’s negotiating framework with the EU and second is the issue of delimitation of the maritime border.

According to Varviciotis, voices within Albania against Greece’s 12-mile expansion want to fuel a climate of subjugation between the two countries.

“Both sides are in the process of processing the file with the respective positions that we will present in The Hague. As you know, in Albania there are strong internal reactions regarding the latest developments with the expansion of the Ionian by 12 miles, from Greece, even statements have been made by the country’s president, Ilir Meta and the opposition, while Rama’s government has openly stated that it is the right of Greece, which does not infringe on the rights of Albania at all and there is no need for a climate of submission that wants to nurture voices against. “

Asked about Prime Minister Rama’s visit to Turkey and his meeting with Erdogan, the Greek Deputy Foreign Minister noted that it was largely limited to issues related to economic relations.

“Regarding Rama’s visit to Turkey, the conclusions we drew from this meeting are that it was limited to economic issues and economic agreements between the two countries, avoiding any political statements that could characterize strategic military cooperation within the framework of NATO.”