From: Exit News
Government Releases Balance of Flooding Damage in Albania So Far

On January 10, the Ministry of Defense released a balance of the damages caused by flooding in several Albanian cities.

In a press release, the Ministry stated that the Army is being deployed on the ground to aid with the flooding.

According to the Ministry, no families have been evacuated in Shkodra, while 4080 hectares have been flooded. Meanwhile, three homes in Puka have been rendered uninhabitable as a result of flooding.

Heavy precipitation and harsh weather has also brought about the following:

  • The rural street connecting Boga and Qafë Thore is blocked by 1 meter of snow.
  • A 60-70 stretch of pavement in the street of the village Dardha, in Fushë Arrëz, has broken apart, rendering the road untraversable, since December 31, 2020.
  • In Lezha, the Drin river has deflated to 70cm below the critical water level. Meanwhile, 28 families have been evacuated, and 2850 hectares of land remain submerged.
  • Landslides have rendered 6 houses in Lezha and 2 houses in Mirdita uninhabitable.
  • In Milot, the Gallat-Minjollë road, and the road alongside the Droja river are blocked.
  • 600 aid packages have been distributed in Lezha, Kurbin and Mirdita.
  • In Durrës, 8 families have been evacuated, whereas 20 houses are submerged and high levels of water remain.