From: Exit Staff
50-60 Medical Staff to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine Per Day

The Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu reported that 50 doctors and nurses were vaccinated yesterday in Albania.

She stated that from those who received the vaccine, there were no issues reported. An average of 50-60 people will be vaccinated every day and within nine days they will have exhausted the currently available vaccines.

A batch of almost 1000 vaccines was given to Albania by an apparently friendly EU Member State. Both Prime Minister Edi Rama and Manastirliu said there was a confidentiality agreement in place with the country, therefore they could not reveal their name. The donation allowed vaccination to start before the previously scheduled start date of the third week of January.

Yesterday, Rama also received the vaccine against COVID-19 along with the Chief of Infectious Diseases Services at the main hospital, Najada Como.

Rama has stated that 2,000 more doses will be arriving from the same EU country, while a further 10,750 doses are expected to be delivered by Pfizer by the end of January.