From: Exit Staff
Number of COVID-19 Cases in Albania Up to 15 Times Higher than Reported, Claims Academy of Sciences

The Albanian Academy of Sciences has found that the number of those infected with COVID-19 in Albania could be 10-15 times higher than reported.

The government has reported about 64 thousand cases, while the study suggests the number to be about 1 million cases, or roughly one third of the population.

Their press statements on Tuesday came in defense of their study published earlier this month, which found that more than half of Tirana residents were infected with the virus.

Responding to those who questioned the results, the highest science authority in Albania, funded by the government, argued that their study was scientific, and based on the same methodology used in European countries.

“The study was conducted using the same research procedures as the epidemiological study on the distribution of Covid-19 [cases] in most countries in Europe and the world,” the statement read.

The survey was carried out in December, 2020. Results were announced one the same day when Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that his government had agreed on a deal with Pfizer Inc. for provision of vaccines.

The study also found that 25 percent of the Albanian population has already been infected with Covid-19.