From: Exit Staff
Vetting Confirms One Prosecutor, Postpones Decision on Appeals Judge

As the judicial vetting process continues, the Independent Qualification Commission today confirmed one prosecutor and postponed the decision on another.

This morning, a decision was made on Tirana Prosecutor Lindita Ziguri. The panel consisted of Olsi Komici, Xhensila Pine, and Valbona Sanxhaktari.

They found issues including one with a loan to buy an apartment in 2008. The Commission claimed that the lender could not afford to lend EUR 5000 to Ziguri. They also noted that some EUR 8100 could not be accounted for. Other issues included non-declaration of a loan for a 2+1 apartment with an area of 137 square metres in Tirana.

Despite this, Ziguri was praised positively for her reputation and professionalism and passed the vetting.

Ziguri started her career in the justice system in 2002 and worked for more than one decade as a prosecutor in the Tirana Prosecution Office. In December 2020, she was appointed as an Inspector in the institution of the High Inspector of Justice, by the High Council of the Prosecution.

In their next decision, the Commission with a panel comprising of Valbona Sanxhaktari, Roland Ilia, and Xhensila Pine postponed the decision for Tirana Apeal Judge Elbana Lluri.

Lluri first faced the Commission on 7 January and the Commission found that she was financially unable to justify the purchase of two vehicles and the assets of her ex-husband.

Lluri graduated from the School of Magistrates in 2005 and was appointed as a judge in the Court of Tirana. Since 2016, she has worked in the Court of appeals. In addition to her legal work, she has worked as a lecturer at the Luarasi University in Tirana.