From: Exit News
Kosovo’s Vetevendosje Party Challenges Electoral Regulations on Diaspora Voting

On January 12, Kosovo’s Vetevendosje party (LVV) pushed back against the country’s Central Election Committee’s (KQZ) decision regarding voters who live outside of Kosovo.

LVV filed a complaint with the Electoral Panel for Complaints (PZAP).

According to KQZ’s decision, in order to register to vote, Kosovo citizens that do not reside in the country will have to apply via an email address on their own behalf, or on behalf of a close relative who bears the same surname.

LVV declared that the initial KQZ proposal required every voter to have their own personal email address. LVV representatives in the KQZ denounced this as unrealistic and exclusionary of older voters.

The party reiterated their support for online voter registration, as the easiest way to apply.

According to LVV, certain parties are attempting to hinder diaspora voting, as LVV enjoys significant popularity among the demographic.

KQZ’s decision was also rejected by acting President Vjosa Osmani, who, immediately after the decision was published, asked the Committee for a revision.