From: Exit Staff
Earthquake Reconstruction Process to End in May 2022, 865 Families Still in Tents

The Minister of Reconstruction, Arben Ahmetaj stated that the reconstruction process following the November 26, 2019, earthquake will be completed in May 2022.

In an interview with Report Tv, Ahmetaj said:

“To be more realistic, I think that by May 2022 we will have eliminated all the consequences of the earthquake, all of them.

For curiosity go to Thumanë, in Fushë Krujë. You will see not reconstruction, but re-creation. Go to “5 May” to enjoy what is happening and what will happen. Recreation. ”

Ahmetaj explained that out of 11 thousand homeless families currently, only 865 live in tents.

Ahmetaj said:

“By advancing the program and entering homes, giving grants and repairing homes, individual dwellings have moved into many administrative units or municipalities and of course this reduces the number of families staying in tents.

There are now 865 in tents and at the same time it reduces the amount of the rent bonus because families return to their rebuilt houses or their rebuilt mansions, whether apartments or common areas. ”