From: Exit Staf
Judge of Electiongate File 339 Dismissed by Vetting

The Independent Qualification Commission has dismissed Bib Ndreca, a judge from the Court Against Organised Corruption and Crime.

Ndreca was the judge on the famous File 339 which showed Durrës mayor Vangjush Dako involved in a vote-buying scheme with the Avdylaj criminal gang during the 2017 parliamentary elections. The 15 recordings released today come from a different dossier, dossier 184/2016, which again has been held under wraps by the Prosecution Office for the last three years.

The panel consisted of Xhensila Pine, Etleda Ciftja, and Pamela Qirko.

He was dismissed in relation to issues with a property held by a family member.

The Commission confirmed the incumbent judge of Vlora, Elona Mihali. The decision was made by a panel composed of Brunilda Bekteshi, Valbona Sanxhaktari and Genta Tafa.

The commission found no problems with Judge Mihali’s assets. For two apartments, one in Tirana and another in Vlora, the Commission stated that they had been bought by the family before Mihali was appointed judge.

The commission did, however, identify a possible case of conflict of interest in relation to an apartment owned by the judge’s parents.

Elona Mihali completed her studies at the School of Magistrates in 2013 and did her professional internship at the Court of Tirana. In January 2014, Mihali was appointed to the Court of Vlora, where he currently performs his function.