From: Exit Staff
Albanian Pfizer Contract Leaked, Delay in First Delivery of Vaccines

Albania is paying $12 per dose for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, according to a leaked copy of the contract published in the media.

Information on the contract, its terms and the financials have been a closely guarded secret until now. The contract is between Pfizer Export BV in The Netherlands and the Ministry of Health, the Institute of Public Health, and the Ministry of Reconstruction.

In total, the government has purchased 499,590 doses of the vaccine. 10,530 will arrive this month and 30,042 in January. The rest of the doses will come in July. The contract states that 458,640 doses will be shipped between July-December 2021. No reason for why the doses are split in this manner has been given.

The total cost is EUR 5,995,080 with a deposit of around half. Pfizer is the guarantor to ensure that the product is produced in accordance with the specifications while the Albanian government has obligations on the storage and use of vaccines.

The Assembly approved on Monday 3 normative acts which relate to the agreement of the Albanian government with the vaccine company Pfizer.

Prime Minister Edi Rama stated yesterday that the first shipment. of 10,750 doses that were due to arrive in the third week of January, are delayed.

Pfizer are undertaking work to increase their production capacity which will result in a temporary delay in production and shipments.