From: Exit Staff
Rama Attacks EU Again Over Vaccine Decision

Prime Minister Edi Rama has again attacked the European Union for “leaving out” the Western Balkans in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. This is one of several attacks levied against the EU by Rama in the last weeks.

When speaking to reporters, Rama said he hasn’t forgotten EU assistance in other areas but he cannot remain silent over the vaccine issue.

“We will not keep our mouths shut for facts. I am not the Prime Minister of an EU country, but I am European. I am more French than the French themselves.”

He also commented on a letter sent to the government by the French Embassy which rejected Rama’s claims that France is stockpiling vaccines and doesn’t give them to countries like Albania.

“Why did the embassy have to be upset? I just said one fact, it wouldn’t cost them a lot to send a lot of vaccines for the doctors in the region.”

Rama previously called the EU’s decision “morally unjustifiable”, “selfish”, and “cynical”.