From: Exit Staff
Students Vent Anger Over Tuition Fees Through Graffiti

Students and activists of the Movement for the University took action on Tuesday to denounce online tuition and demand the cancellation of university fees.

They have sprayed graffiti on the walls of the capital where they have written: “We have fees, we do not have a university” and “They deny us knowledge, they ask us for fees”.

Exit spotted another slogan in Student City that said “Online learning without internet Error 404”.

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A few days ago LPU denounced the Rectorate of the University of Tirana that it is making fun of them, not responding to the cancellation of the fee.

Earlier, the Movement for the University sent a petition with 8000 signatures to the  Ministry of Education requesting the cancellation of the fee in terms of online learning.

The students also support their request with studies which prove how effective online learning has been.

According to a  LPU study 60% of students are dissatisfied with the way online learning is taking place.

1570 students participated in the study.

The study revealed that 44.5% have partial internet access and over 70% are required to attend lectures via mobile phone.

Meanwhile, another Civic Resistance study conducted on December 17 highlights the same situation.

According to this study:

  • 77.5% of students attend online without a Laptop or PC.
  • Only 60% of students participate in the lessons
  • Students evaluate with a grade of 8 professors and 5-6 secretaries of the Faculties
  • 6% of students spend 20 euros per month on the internet