From: Exit Staff
Russia Warns of Response to Albania’s ‘Provocation’ of Diplomat’s Expulsion

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko has considered the expulsion of a Russian diplomat by the Albanian government a “provocation” and “unfriendly step”, and vowed that his country will respond accordingly.

The Albanian government declared the Russian diplomat “persona non grata” on Thursday for repeatedly violating COVID-19 restrictions, and asked him to leave the country within 72 hours.

“We regret this a lot, as this is obviously a provocation aimed against the Russian-Albanian relations. Of course, this unfriendly step will not be left without a response,” Grushko told Sputnik on Friday.

The Russian Embassy in Tirana also made a statement on Friday, calling the Albanian government’s accusations that the diplomat repeatedly violated COVID-19 restrictions “baseless and fictional”. The Ambassador denied the Albanian government’s claim that he had been warned about the diplomat’s violations.

They slammed the publication of the diplomat’s name, which they said goes against the hot country’s obligations.