From: Exit Staff
Luan Daci Court Case Postponed for Third Time

The Special Court of Appeals has postponed the court session for the member of the Special Appeals Panel, Luan Daci.

The next hearing is expected to be held on February 5th.

This is the third time that the trial against Daci has been postponed. He is accused of forging documents.

The Special Prosecution requested 1 year in prison. According to the Criminal Code,  this criminal offense is punishable by up to three years in prison.

Luan Daci was fired in 1997 for keeping secret a decision regarding a pyramid scheme for about 6 months, as well as organizing a strike in the premises of the Tirana court.

But while applying to be part of the KPA, in an interview with the ad hoc Parliamentary Committee, Dacie hid his dismissal by claiming he had resigned.

Following the investigation, the SPAK  requested the suspension of his duties and accused Daci of falsifying documents. He was suspended from work, but then the Special Court of Appeal ruled his reinstatement.

After that, the Special Appellate Panel decided to suspend him from office until the end of the process.