From: Exit Staff
Albanian Entrepreneur Denies Association with Ndrangheta Wiretaps

Entrepreneur Besnik Halili, whose name was mentioned in the media as ‘Niku’ in Ndrangheta wiretaps, has denied his involvement in the scandal.

In a statement to MCN TV, Halili admitted that he knew the Calabrian entrepreneur Antonio Gallo, but never cooperated with him:

“My business relationship with Mr. Gallo has been zero. There is no activity with the company I run and Mr. Gallo’s business. I have had offers regarding the products that Mr. Gallo traded, but they were not realized. “

Halili is the sole owner of the company ‘GTS-Gazra Teknike Shqiptare shpk’ and president of the group ‘Sol’. The company trades gases and other hospital supplies.

Asked about his connections with the Municipality of Tirana and construction, Mr. Halili said that he has never been involved in construction and has not had a business relationship with the Municipality of Tirana.

In the wiretaps uncovered as part of the file investigated by the Italian anti-mafia for the entrepreneur Gallo, the name ‘Nik’ and the ‘Sol company’ are mentioned in at least one conversation.