From: Die Morina van Uijtregt
Kosovo CEC will Only Certify Vetevendosje’s List Without its Leader

The Election Complaints and Appeals Panel (ECAP) has communicated with the Central Election Commission (CEC) regarding the complaint of the Vetevendosje Movement for non-certification of the electoral list.

Prishtina- based media Koha, published a letter sent by the head of CEC, Valdete Daka to ECAP,  where she proposes that Vetevendosje’s appeal be partially approved, certifying only candidates who meet the legal requirements of the Law on General Elections.

Five candidates of Vetevendosje are among 47 those who according the Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) did not fulfill the criteria or were convicted with a final decision by a Kosovo court in the last three years.

Sources in Vetevendosje told Exit News that its leader Albin Kurti is one listed as one of them.

“We propose that the complaint of Vetevendosje Movement be partially approved and that the CEC be obliged to certify the candidates who meet the legal requirements of Article 29 of the Law on General Elections, while rejecting the five candidates who do not meet the legal requirements of this article,” Daka’s letter published by Koha reads.

ECAP will decide today on the complaints it received from Kosovo political parties, including Vetevendosje, as the deadline of 72 hours ends.

Vetevendosje’s list was not certified because they did not replace those five candidates listed by KJC as those who do not meet the criteria to run for MP.

“CEC is aware that from the list of 110 persons from this political entity, there are only 5 persons who have not met the legal requirements to be certified as candidates for MPs, but at the insistence of the representatives of this political entity in the CEC, the whole list was put to the vote and as such it was refused to be certified because it also contained the names of 5 persons who could not be candidates for MPs,” Daka wrote on her letter.

The issue can also be addressed in the Supreme Court if a party is not satisfied with the decision of the Election Complaint and Appeals Panel.