From: Exit Staff
Rama Says Albanians Are Free to Migrate, Praises Progress under His Rule

Prime Minister Edi Rama has highlighted Albanians’ rights to move freely in response to accusations against his government regarding the high number of those who have left the country during his two terms in power.

“I do not have a reason to preach why you should not leave,” Rama told youngsters during a visit in Korca on Saturday.

He explained how Albanians have allegedly been a people in constant move, except for isolations under the communist regime. This trend will not change, he predicted, and Albanians will always leave their country.

Rama’s offered reasons for this were the better living conditions in European countries, despite the good work done by his government in the last eight years.

“Albania can not offer what Germany offers. There are limits. But we have to do even more. When we were in opposition, you could not take a picture in our cities before the Urban Renaissance,” he said, referring to his government’s renewal of some city centers.

Albania ranks fourth in the world for the emigration of highly skilled people, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

INSTAT found that in 2019 only over 360,000 Albanians emigrated, which amounts to 12.4 percent of the population.