From: Exit Staff
Rama Rebukes German MEP Who Reiterated Albania’s Conditions to Start EU Talks

Prime Minister Edi Rama has criticized German Member of European Parliament Michael Gahler after he reiterated in a post the conditions Albania needs to meet before sitting in EU talks.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Rama spoke harshly of Gahler, who had also suggested the Rama government not to deny the conditions and not to “badmouth” the EU’s aid to Albania.

“Who is he talking to? Is he talking to some friends of his? Where does he think he is? In a café? […] Who is he showing conditions and preconditions when we are talking about health and vaccines? How are these related? Are they telling us that we don’t deserve to have the vaccine because we don’t agree on the 2019 elections?” he said.

Rama claimed that Gahler’s statements are “inconceivable nonsense, rubbish produced in Albania” and “biased misinformation and manipulation” of the public.

He said he has not “badmouthed” the EU but has criticized its actions in regards to vaccine distribution, like many other EU or member states officials.

“The differentiation that the EU made to the Balkans is morally, politically, and logically unacceptable,” Rama had tweeted last month, one of his several occasions of criticizing the EU’s failure to provide the Balkans with COVID-19 vaccines.