From: Exit Staff
14 Months After Albanian Earthquake, 680 Families Still in Tents

14 months after the November 26 earthquake in Albania, some 680 families are still living in tents.

This is according to Minister of Reconstruction Arben Ahmetaj during a press conference yesterday.

He said that 13,325 families are receiving rent bonuses, 680 are still living in tents and there are none living in hotels.

More than 31,000 families have received grants to repair minor damage to their homes. Around 1000 have received grants for more severe damage to their property.

As of December 2020, Albania received EUR 289.5 million in grants from various donors and EUR 150 million in loans from the government to fund reconstruction.

Out of 160 damaged schools, just 25 have been completed while 69 are in the construction stage. 35 schools have been funded by the Albanian Development Fund, 19 by the Municipality of Tirana and 15 by the EU.

600 individual houses have been reconstructed while a further 1600 are expected to be completed in spring 2021. 1389 of these are to be built by the Albanian Development Fund while 611 will be built by the Municipality of Tirana.