From: Exit Staff
Shkodra Municipality Requests Declaration of Natural Disaster for Third Time

The Municipality of Shkodra has asked the government to declare a state of natural disaster in the Dajç area.

According to the data, more than 1500 hectares of land have been flooded in this area. The Municipality of Shkodra reports that so far 3655 hectares of agricultural and uncultivated land have been flooded.

This is the third time that this municipality requests the declaration of a state of a natural disaster.

Declaring a state of natural disaster would place the government, not the municipality, in charge of compensating for flood damage.

What does ‘state of natural disaster’ mean?

The state of natural disaster is declared by the government in cases of natural disasters that endanger the health and property of people, such as earthquakes, floods, fires, or epidemics.

In this case, compensation for damages is covered by the state budget, the ‘Civil Emergencies’ program, various donations, and other sources.

What rights can be restricted during a natural disaster?

Article 175 of the Constitution stipulates that the rights and freedoms that are restricted during a state of natural disaster are;

  • Inviolability of the home and the person;
  • Freedom of movement;
  • Restrictions on expropriation and the right to just repayment;
  • The right to work;
  • The right to strike.