From: Alice Taylor
Former IOM Chief Praises Dismissal of Vetting Case From European Court of Human Rights

Former Chief of the International Monitoring Operation (IOM), Genoveva Ruiz Calavera considered the decision of the Strasbourg Court for the former member of the Constitutional Court, Altina Xhoxhaj, as a guide for the vetting institutions.

In a Twitter post, Calavera said the decision confirmed that Xhoxhaj’s dismissal was fair.

“The dismissal of Xhoxhaj is fair and proportionate. The decision strengthens the vetting process and provides a guide for vetting institutions. ”

Calavera previously held the position of head of the IOM, an institution that aims to monitor the vetting process against magistrates and can make recommendations to appeal decisions for dismissal or confirmation of magistrates. 

Her reaction came after yesterday’s decision of the European Court of Human Rights which dismissed the case brought by Xhoxhaj. 

The former chief has been given a new position as Director of the EU Interpreters section with responsibilities such as coordinating interpreters, organizing events, and allocating meeting rooms.