From: Exit Staff
Work on Tirana-Durres Railway to Start Imminently

Work on the Tirana-Durres railway is ready to start, according to Prime Minister Edi Rama.

The investment in the railway said Rama “will be in the interest of the new port that will be built”.

On February 3, the Minister of Infrastructure Belinda Balluku signed an agreement with the Italian company INC SPA for the rehabilitation of the Tirana-Durrës railway.

Balluku said that another railway will be built, which will connect the junction with Rinas airport. This railway will be 5.7 kilometers long.

She said that this will significantly enhance transport between Tirana, Durres, and Rinas Airport. Balluku said new jobs would be created, employing 2,200 citizens.

The European Union has provided a fund of EUR 36.65 million for the project.

The company INC SPA  won the international tender for the rehabilitation of the railway in October 2020. In December 2020 Artan Shkreli announced that the works for the Tirana-Durrës railway will start in January.