From: Exit News
Drivers Warned over Roads as Albania Is Covered with Snow

The government has warned Albanians over driving on main roads after the country woke up covered with snow on Sunday.

Heavy transport vehicles are banned from using Albania’s roads during the weekend, while cars should carry chains to be used in case of necessity.

The Milot-Lezhe road was blocked throughout the night until Sunday midday due to heavy snowfall.

All cars using roads in the north of Albania are required to use snow chains and drive slowly, the road authority announced on Sunday.

In central Albania, travelling to mountain areas, including the Dajti Mountain, also requires snow chains and extra care.

In the south, winter tires must be used but snow chains are also required in certain areas.

While the road authority has informed the public regarding the main roads, it remains unclear what the situation in villages and remote areas is, particularly in the north.

Meteorologists predict low temperatures throughout the next week.