From: Exit Staff
3 Judges Fired This Week in Albania’s Judicial Reform

Three judges failed to pass the vetting process in Albania this week.

The Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) decided to dismiss Tirana Appeals Judge Maria Qirjazi, after reviewing the documentation on Thursday. Asset analysis is one of the three qualification criteria in the vetting process, which the judge failed to pass. The other two criteria are proficiency and background information.

The vetting commission dismissed Judge Mariana Shegani of the Court of Tirana on Tuesday. She also failed to justify her assets with legitimate sources. 

On Tuesday, the Special Appeals Chamber (KPA) confirmed a previous decision of the KPK to ban Judge Alaudin Malaj from the justice system for 15 years, after it accepted his resignation.  

On Wednesday, March 10, the Special Appeals Chamber (KPA) will reevaluate judge Kastriot Selita. 

Since 2018, Albania has been implementing a judicial reform relying on vetting all judges and prosecutors. While a large number of them were fired, as a side negative effect, the country was left for more than two years without a functioning High Court and Constitutional Court.