From: Exit Staff
British Ambassador: Electoral Candidates Linked to Criminals Should not Run in Elections

The British Ambassador to Albania Duncan Norman has called on Albanian political parties not just to ensure that candidates are not involved directly in crime and corruption, but that no one “directly connected” to them are.

Previously the EU Delegation in Tirana appealed to party leaders on several occasions to ensure candidates have integrity. The US Ambassador has also repeatedly asked that those with criminal records be excluded from electoral lists.

Now, the British Embassy has taken it a step further and said that even candidates with links to those involved in illegal activity, should not be present on electoral lists. 

Rama previously rebuked the British Ambassador for his comments.

“I do not understand this British ambassador at all, why is he so involved in the issue of elections in Albania? I respect him, and he really is a person who deserves respect, but I do not understand why he is so involved in the internal discussions of Albania when it comes to elections? I am saying this publicly now because I already told him privately,” Rama told journalists.

He is yet to comment on his recent tweet.