From: Exit Staff
Vucic Promises Money to Kosovo Serbs Who Do Not Leave the Country

Serbia President Aleksandar Vucic met with representatives of Kosovo’s Srpska Lista (Serb List) on Friday in southern town of Kursumlija in Serbia.

Vucic thanked Kosovo Serbs for voting Srpska Lista which won all the ten mandates reserved for Serbian community in Kosovo’s parliament.

He made a list of promises for Serbs who would not leave Kosovo.

Construction of several hospitals, roads, also a university facility, an additional 100 euros for Serbs in Kosovo, while if both parents are unemployed, then an additional 200 euros, Serbian media reported.

“Just stay in your houses,” Vucic said.

“If a family with two employed parents have three kids, then they will have 500 euro, but if the parents are not employed then they will have 200 euro more, meaning 700 euro,” Vucic stated.

He accused other Kosovo Serbian political parties for not wanting the best for Serbian people.

Vucic also promised that Serbia’s government will build hospitals in the Kosovo Serb-majority towns of Gracanica and North Mitrovica.

Being backed by Belgrade, Srpska Lista acts in synchrony with the politics of Vucic.