From: Exit Staff
Albania During COVID-19: Lipstick Sales Decreased, Pasta and Designer Watches on the Rise

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, imports of food, detergent, furniture, and surprisingly, jewelry increased when compared to 2019.

INSTAT also reported that imports of coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, and watches decreased. The top-selling foods for the year were pasta, healthy cereals, flour, and oil. It’s likely the consumption of alcohol decreased due to the prohibition of weddings and gatherings and the closure of bars and clubs.

In terms of the increase in jewelry sales, items worth EUR 1000 or more increased and sales were 5% more than the previous year. This could be due to those with money being unable to travel, therefore spending money in-country instead.

Unsurprisingly, the sale of detergent increased 50% in March 2020 but over the whole year, they rose by 8%.

The demand for lipstick fell by 20% during the year, due to a lack of events to attend and the mandatory wearing of masks. Demand for facial skin treatments, soap, and hair products increased.

The demand for eye and eyebrow products had returned to normal levels following the first lockdown. Sales of perfumes remained constant throughout the year despite lockdowns and restrictions.