From: Exit Staff
Albanian-Italian Drug Trafficking Ring Busted

An Italian-Albanian criminal network involved in drug trafficking and distribution has been hit by the Italian Anti-Mafia Investigative Directorate with the cooperation of the Lecce Public Prosecutor’s Office.

A total of 14 people were arrested including an Albanian and three Calabrians.

The criminal organization, with the use of powerful boats, imported large quantities of marijuana from Albania, and then distributed it in various Italian squares, in particular in Trentino Alto Adige, Lazio and Campania. Police operations led to the seizure of about 50 kg of marijuana and the red-handed arrest of two subjects.

As part of the same operation, called New Horizons and started in 2015, the seizure and subsequently the confiscation of two villas located in Lecce and owned by the main suspect were carried out. Additionally, two motor vehicles and financial interests were also seized in the name of relatives with a total value of EUR 900,000.