From: Alice Taylor
Albanians Leading Nationality in Foreign Modern Slavery Victims in UK

The UK identified more than 10,000 victims of modern slavery in 2020 with Albania being one of the countries with the highest number of individuals.

According to data from the Home Office, 10,613 victims were identified but more than 18,000 were awaiting a decision on their case.

While figures were very slightly down on 2019, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was still almost double the number in 2018. The number of victims identified has increased drastically year on year since 2014 when only 2,337 cases were reported

To be reported in these figures, each individual is assessed. It is then determined whether they have reasonable grounds for access to medical, psychological, and legal support and are classed as potential victims.

Victims were 74% male and 26% female. Albanians, UK citizens, and Vietnamese people were the most common nationalities. There was also a rise in child victims.

Cases related to exploitation by drug gangs rose by 31% during the year with 1544 referrals. Out of these, 81% were male children.