From: Exit Staff
Tourism Workers to Be Vaccinated as Priority Group

Prime Minister Edi Rama promised to complete the vaccination of hotel employees and service workers before the start of the summer tourist season.

“As soon as the first phase of vaccination of the elderly is over, we will start vaccinating the employees in the tailoring and at the same time vaccinating hotel employees, especially where there is a large number of people. In June, everyone will be vaccinated “, said Rama, in a meeting with the tour operators in Robit Mountain, in Kavaja, on April 1.

He stressed that last season was good, thanks to the government’s decision to leave the border with Kosovo and Northern Macedonia open:

“We succeeded because we left open the border with Kosovo and Northern Macedonia. The season was dominated by Albanian tourists.

The World Bank said that Albania’s economic recovery hinges on the rollout of vaccines, management of the pandemic, and how quickly the tourism season can recover.