From: Alice Taylor
20 Days Before Election and Most Parties Haven’t Published a Manifesto

20 days before the general elections are set to take place in Albania, and none of the leading political parties have published any kind of manifesto.

The political campaigns were officially launched on the 25 of March and politicians and candidates have busy on the campaign trail. Meetings have been taking place throughout the country and a number of promises have been made including increasing wages, helping agriculture, preserving cultural monuments, bettering education, and helping those in poverty.

Yet, there are no manifestos or any kind of publications available from the Socialist Party or the Democratic Party regarding their solid campaign agendas.

While official websites provide information about their positions on various matters, there is nothing election specific.

The only parties to date that have published their manifesto are the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), Nisma Thurrje, and Vetevendosje (VV).

While there is no legal obligation to submit an electoral manifesto, doing so would provide the electorate with valuable information to help them inform their choices. It also allows parties to be held to account following the announcement of the new government and increases transparency.