From: Arjola Tafaj
A Summary of Yesterday’s Meetings on the Electoral Campaign Trail 07/04/21

During the second week of the election campaign, the political parties and their MP candidates continued their electoral meetings in several cities of Albania. Exit brings you a roundup of the key promises and comments made during yesterday’s meetings.

Socialist Party (PS)

  • PM Edi Rama and MPs candidates of Gjirokastra held an electoral meeting in Memaliaj.  Rama spoke about the investments the government has made during these eight years.
  • Rama was also in Permet meeting local women. He said that special shops with local and traditional foods should be created, which will bring a lot of income.
  • PS political leader of Gjirokastra, Bledi Cuci said that handicrafts and traditional products should be turned into brands. Local products will be released in foreign markets at very good prices.
  • The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, held a meeting with the residents of Lapraka and introduced the candidate for MP Ulsi Manjen, who said that he was proud of the work done in Tirana.

Democratic Party (PD)

  • PD Chairman Lulzim Basha was in Belsh and promised young people more employment opportunities.
  • PD MP Candidate Albana Vokshi met residents of New Boulevard of Municipality Unit 9 in Tirana. They denounced the Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu for asking for their vote in exchange for the legalization certificates of their homes. Vokshi submitted to SPAK the lawsuit against Ogerta Manastirliu, Ulsi Manja, Erjon Veliaj, and Artan Lamen.
  • Flamur Hoxha was in Kukes and talked about the difficult economic situation in the area and the departure of young people. Residents of Kolshi stressed that mineral resources are being used without proper supervision, destroying the environment and damaging their future.
  • Agron Shehaj MP candidate in Tirana held meetings in several areas of the capital. He said that “We will increase the minimum wage to EUR 300 per month. This will improve the livelihood of about 39% of all employees who so far receive EUR 250. It will also limit the efforts to replace Albanian workers with those from Bangladesh and other countries. We will instead bring investors from Europe.

Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI)

  • LSI chairwoman Monika Kryemadhi held a meeting on Wednesday with the chairmen and secretaries of LSI in the Municipality of Tirana. She said that the LSI expects to take 11 seats in Tirana.
  •  LSI political leader in Durrës, Elona Guri held meetings with citizens of this region. She said that “everyone is looking forward to the change and the return of hope.”

Nisma Thurrje (NT)

  • MPs candidates Endrit Shabani and Panajot Soko presented several bills to be implemented if they are chosen. This includes a law on vetting politicians.
  • They said that “every politician who comes to power with forms of fraud, increases wealth in the same way and lies to gain public and financial assets, will become a subject of law and his property will be confiscated”.

Vetevendosje (VV)

  • Three Independent candidates of the Vetevendosje Movement in Albania, have presented 13 points of their program in the regions where they run.
  • Independent candidate Boiken Abazi, who is running in Tirana, was in several neighborhoods of Tirana on Wednesday along with other LVV activists.“The citizens of Tirana, of all ages, newcomers are more courageous than any power that has abused Tirana, very hospitable for the LVV activists ” says Abazi.
  • Independent MP candidate in Gjirokastra district Kreshnik Merxhani held meetings in the Old Bazaar area in Gjirokastra. “Nobody leaves a good and beautiful place because they do not want to live here, but only out of helplessness and sorrow”, he said.
  • The independent MP candidate in Lezha Iliaz Shehu also held meetings with residents where he informed them about his candidacy.

Independent Candidate

  • Independent candidate for MP in the district of Dibra Elton Debreshi on Wednesday held meetings with residents in several villages.
  • He stated that he is aware of difficult working conditions and he will be a voice to people working as miners too.