From: Exit News
Government Asks Committee of Experts to Relax Curfew Hours  

The Albanian government has asked the Committee of Experts overseeing the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Albania to relax the curfew time, which currently stands from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. 

During a live broadcast phone call with Minister of Education Evis Kushi today, part of Rama’s electoral campaign strategy, she asked the prime minister to consider relaxing restrictions due to the month of Ramadan (April 13), when many Albanian fast from sunrise till sunset.

Rama replied that the government had already asked the Committee of Experts and were waiting for an answer. 

“We have filed a request with the Technical Committee, with a reasoning, asking whether this can be done. Now let’s see what they will say. They are very worried though. Vaccination should be accompanied by social distancing, and we haven’t reached large numbers yet,” Rama told Kushi.

The Committee of Experts is appointed by the government. Its chairwoman left to join the ruling Socialist Party’s list of electoral candidates. Rama says his cabinet always follows their recommendations throughout the pandemic.

This week they decided to keep in force the same restrictions, claiming they have proven to be effective and are still needed.