From: Exit News
Ruling Party Illegally Obtained Albanian Voters’ Personal Data, Media Alleges

Albanian online media has alleged that the ruling Socialist Party has in possession the personal data of all voters in the capital Tirana, and is using it for purposes of April 25 elections.

In an exclusive piece published on Sunday, the media claims it has obtained an electronic file currently used by the PS, containing all information of roughly 910 thousand Tirana residents aged 19 to 99, with personal data found only with state institutions that are obliged by law to secure their privacy.

It further alleges that a team employed by the PS uses the data daily, in an office provided within the PS building in central Tirana.

In alleged screenshots of the electronic file, Lapsi claims the personal data includes: ID data, phone number, employer, voting center, whether the person is an emigrant and in what country, whether he/she is a PS supporter or of any other party. In addition, the party has allegedly assigned a person to check on every person in the list regarding updates on the above information.

The media further claims that such information can only have been obtained from state institutions such as the e-Albania portal, where most Albanians have an account with the mentioned information.

The opposition Democratic Party said they will file a report with the special prosecution to investigate the matter. They claimed this was a flagrant violation of laws that could harm the April 25 elections.

General Secretary of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla denied the allegations on Sunday, saying that the data was obtained by going door-to-door and meeting with every person.

The media reported on Monday that the head of Special Prosecution Office (SPAK) Arben Kraja has stated they are “assessing” the media report, although “the stealth of personal data is not under SPAK competency”.