From: Exit Staff
A Summary of Yesterday’s Meetings on the Electoral Campaign Trail 12/04/21

During the third week of the election campaign, the political parties and their MP candidates continued their electoral meetings in several cities of Albania. Exit brings you a roundup of the key promises and comments made during yesterday’s meetings.

Socialist Party (PS)

  • Minister of Education and PS candidate for MP Evis Kushi held a meeting with women in Elbasan. She said PS will support women and girls.
  • PS candidates of Durres held a meeting with residents of Katundi i Ri area. Durres. Milva Ekonomi said that “various important investments have been made in Durres and we will continue”. Durres Mayor Emiriana Sako stated that the reconstruction process is going quite well thanks to the maximum support from the government and PM Edi Rama.
  • Tirana Mayor and Political leader of PS in Tirana Erion Veliaj was in Rrogozhina. He said that the country needs to return to normalcy, after the difficulties it went through from the earthquake and pandemic.
  • PS MP candidate Niko Peleshi during an electoral meeting in Korca said that “women and girls are added value and bring civic contributions to the party, so we have chosen the path of politics for citizens.
  • PS Political Leader in Vlora Damian Gjiknuri held a meeting with former members of the Socialist Movement for Integration. Gjiknuri said he appreciates the contribution of these women over the past 4 years.

Democratic Party (PD

  • PD Political Leader in Shkodra, Helidon Bushati held a meeting with young people who will vote for the first time. He introduced the PD program to reduce unemployment and increase the quality of education, innovation, payment of internships, and free scholarships for families with low income.
  • PD Chairman Lulzim Basha held several meetings in Tirana. He introduced the PD program on his governance. He was in Dajt, where he focused on improving conditions in clothing factories. Basha said that the flat tax of 9% will increase the minimum wage to EUR 300 per month and will support women working in this sector.
  • Basha met farmers from Baldushk and talked with them about the agriculture problems. He vowed that the PD program will be strictly implemented. They will provide subsidies in this sector, lower the price of oil, and any grant coming from the EU for this sector will go to farmers.
  • PD candidate Albana Vokshi on Monday denounced again PS MP candidate in Tirana of unit 9, Ogerta Manastirliu in SPAK for the legalizations of homes in exchange for votes.

Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI)

  • LSI chairwoman Monika Kryemadhi was in Lezha to present LSI candidates for MP in this area. She stated that by voting for her and her party, the phenomenon of discrimination will end in Albania.  

Nisma Thurrje (NT)

  • MPs candidates Endrit Shabani and Panajot Soko introduced the law on the democratization of political parties. The competition within the political parties should be more transparent, they said.

Vetevendosje (VV) 

  • Independent candidates supported by the Vetevendosje Movement in Albania held meetings and presented their program in Tirana, Lezhe, Gjirokaster where they are running for MP members.
  • Independent candidate in Gjirokastra Kreshnik Merxhani said that in order to have a country without poverty we need to liberate the market from monopolies against the private sector which operates without competition. 
  • Independent candidate Tirana Bojken Abazi was in Kavaja to honor the national martyr Indrit Cara who gave his life adding that LVV will take his ideas forward. 
  • Independent candidate in Lezha Iliaz Shehu called for the release of activists arrested during a protest against HPPs in Miredite. 

Independent Candidate

  • Independent candidate for MP in the district of Dibra Elton Debreshi met with residents in Shupenzë, Dragun, Urxallë, Klos
  • His political program has 4 main pillars: Miner status, local problems such as roads, forests, and rivers, worker’s rights, and social rights.