From: Exit Staff
Official Claims e-Albania Doesn’t Store Personal Data

The Director of AKSHI, Linda Karcanaj has said that the e-Albanian portal doesn’t store data, therefore it could not be reused or misused by anyone.

She made comments about the massive data leak that has rocked Albania over the last 10 days. 910,000 people’s records were leaked including name, father’s name, mobile, ID number, workplace and other identifying information. It is believed it came from e-Albania or another government institution due to the nature of the information stored and the fact it is up to date.

Exit has spoken to a variety of individuals as well as staff and family members who claimed that the data leaked on them included phone numbers they changed in the last few months, new workplaces, and information they were not even aware of themselves.

Karcanaj claimed that not only would it be illegal for this information to be used, she said there is “no technical possibility for this data to be used as it is not even stored on the system.”

She called the allegations that it was used by the Socialist Party, a “political attack” and said e-Albania is “one of the most important investments of the Albanian government in the last 30 years.”

Karcanaj is correct that e-Albania does not collect information as it is just a portal or platform that connects the user with the civil registry. However, it facilitates the collection of information that is stored in the registry so information input into e-Albania, is still collected.