From: Exit Staff
Court Keeps Two Air Traffic Controllers Under Home Arrest

The Court of Tirana has sentenced two air traffic controllers to home arrest, and one other to appear in court when ordered.

They were arrested for organizing the suspension of work at Tirana airport on Wednesday, April 7.

Air traffic controllers suspended their work reporting their inability to work due to high-stress levels stemming from cuts in salary and refusal of the government to listen to their pleas. 

Over 20 Albcontrol traffic controllers were questioned and detained by Albanian authorities, nearly half of the total.

The government sent in the army to secure the airport. Air traffic in Albania was suspended for one day.

Following the arrest, the Albanian government replaced a number of Albanian air traffic controllers with Turkish ones.

The airspace has been re-opened, but the Albanian controllers still working are under extreme pressure for their future employment. 

The European union of air traffic controllers blasted the government intervention and arrests of their colleagues.