From: Exit Staff
Calls for Democratic Leader Lulzim Basha to Resign

Two senior figures from the Democratic Party have called for the resignation of Chairman Lulzim Basha.

Former President Bujar Nishani posted a statement on Facebook.

“Today is the moment for the Democratic Party to be free from the example of incompetence and model that is complimenting it little by little.
Today is the moment for the Democratic Party to be released to resurrect the greatness it belongs to as the Party of Freedom and Youth.
Today the main responsibility of 4 consecutive political losses decided to hold the House of Freedom hostage in the interest of his personal power!
Mr Basha had to take responsibility for his personal failure today for 8 years!”

Additionally, Fatbardh Kadilli also demanded his resignation yesterday. He announced his candidacy for the Chairman of the party.

“Feeling full regret and solidarity with the sacrifice of Democrats and party structures during an 8-year opposition, often unscrupulous, I demand the immediate removal from leadership and the resignation of Lulzim Basha.
Not only for the fact that the party is facing the third defeat today, but more than that, this is a model that has exhausted.
Through this act, he not only recognizes the responsibilities for the result but also respects a standard set in the Democratic Party by the predecessor and founder of this force, Sali Berisha.
I call on the Presidency to convene as soon as possible and determine the competition modalities for the new leadership. We have no time to lose. Before the Albanians, we have the mission for a new opposition!”