From: Exit Staff
Exit Explains: The Procedure to Dismiss the Albanian President 

On Friday, the Socialist parliamentary group started the process to dismiss President Ilir Meta. 

Article 90 of the Albanian Constitution states that the President can be dismissed in case of a serious violation of the Constitution or a grave crime committed.

The request for initiating the process for his dismissal is made by a minimum of 35 MP, or 1/4 of all members.

It is then submitted to the Speaker of Parliament, including arguments in support of the above conditions. The Speaker then convenes a meeting of the heads of the parliamentary groups to decide on the request.

Upon a positive decision to move forward with the dismissal, the Speaker forwards all documentation to the Law Commission, which within 15 days must submit a report on whether to establish an investigative commission.

The investigative commission then gathers evidence on the president’s dismissal.

A minimum of 94 votes in the 140-seat parliament is required for the dismissal.

The parliament’s decision is then submitted to the Constitutional Court which has the last say on whether the parliament decision would be implemented.

This would be the second time the parliament attempts to dismiss President Meta.

The Socialist majority accused him of serious constitutional violations in 2019 regarding the appointment of members to the Constitutional Court and the decree annulling the June 30 elections.

After one year of parliamentary investigations, the Socialist gave up following a Venice Commission report suggesting that Meta had not committed any serious violation of the Constitution.


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